Parent fails & anti-facebook moments offered with a side of snark & paired with a cocktail for every situation…

Let us be clear. We are not alcoholics, we don’t encourage the abuse of alcohol and if you feel you have a problem limiting your alcohol consumption else you may go down a destructive path for yourself and family – this parenting philosophy may not be for you! There are plenty of other parenting blogs out there.

Now, after that buzz kill, if you don’t have a problem with the occasional daytime cocktail, afternoon glass of wine, or soothing evening whiskey rocks after (or during) a tough day in the trenches of parenting – then grab your favorite drink and read on!

This blog will not tell you how to be a better parent. But it will make you laugh, help you gain perspective, and give you the permission to ease up a bit. Life is short, childhoods are too. Why not celebrate the moments – or try to survive them – with a little bit of cheer? Your kids will be glad you did. You want the best for them, right?

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