Advice From a 1970’s Mom

When did we get so damn uptight?  Was it after the invention of the 24 hour news network?  After Al Gore’s Internet took off?  Or was it after the many iterations of Law and Order and Dateline Murder Mysteries hit the airwaves?

Whatever it was, boy did it change society’s outlook on parenting.  Where once it was expected for kids to be outside all day in the summer, without supervision – we now have kids being detained because their parents let them walk to the park by themselves.

Where there once was pickup basketball and baseball games, we now have organized playdates and overly-scheduled kids.

Where you could once leave your kids in the car to run in, – hell do your weekly shopping – you’ll now come out to find your car with some angry suburban mom in a minivan, blocking you in, telling you she’s called the cops on you.

Where did the common sense go?  Are we all just overly anxious and are we turning our kids that way too?

Here’s where we hear from the moms of yesteryear who share their “back in my day” experience and advice.  We’ll see if we can incorporate some of it into the now with the hope that it will help us gain perspective and CALM THE F!*K DOWN.

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