Cocktail Collection

They really should advise soon-to-be moms and dads of the need for a well-stocked liquor cabinet at the onset of parenthood.

Alongside the typical baby shower gifts like burp cloths, pack-n-plays and diaper genies should be tequila, whiskey and vodka (along with plastic or shatter-proof barware – you know – gotta keep that shit safe around the baby).

Yes – “proofing” in all forms is important – baby-proof, child proof, as well as 100 proof vodka.

Drinking while pregnant and/or breastfeeding is NOT OK. That’s illegal serving to a minor as far as we are concerned.

But moms – when your body is “free and clear” and yours again… TRUST US – you’ll want to celebrate!

Here’s where we’ve assembled some great wine selections and drink recipes for that and other celebrations, along with helping deal with the relentless stress, worry, annoyances, pitfalls and failures that you will encounter as you traverse the “America Ninja Warrior” course that is modern parenting.

Let the training begin…

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