Mo’s Mason Jar MOMENTS

I love how people are getting back to basics and making their own preserves, pickles and whatever the hell else people with more free time on their hands than me are doing.

These folks have ushered in the return of the Mason jar.  Or maybe it was all of the Gen Y’ers and Millennials that needed them for their shabby-chic/farmhouse chic weddings that brought these delightful vessels back into the rotation.


The point is that Mason jars are THE BEST receptacles for cocktails.  Easy to hold, looks great in the drink-porn pictures for sharing on social media AND they hold larger amounts of the liquid gold for us seasoned drinkers!

So grab your Mason jars (c’mon, you know you have them) and your favorite hard liquor and start crafting some Mason Jar Moments…

(and this does qualify as crafting, bitches!)

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