In The HOUSE: Pendulum Red Blend

Wine: Pendulum Red Blend (Columbia Valley, Washington State)
Cost: $12-$20 per bottle
Pairs well with barbecue and Minecraft Meltdowns

Pendulum Red Blend

First, can we please note my fabulous bulldog bottle stopper? She’s awesome.
bulldog stopper

Moving on to the wine…….
Today I decided to pop open a bottle of Pendulum Red Blend. I used to buy this goodness at Costco, but it appears they have run out of inventory. Oops. The good news is Pendulum can also be found at your friendly neighborhood grocery store. I like this wine for several reasons:
1. I don’t have a headache the next day.
2. It’s a great “Weeknight Wine”, perfect for watching Survivor on Wednesday nights.
3. The 2013 vintage is a blend of Cab, Merlot, Syrah and Malbec. Older vintages include Cab Franc, Sangiovese and Tempranillo. This means you can pair this wine with whatever food scraps your children leave behind. Chicken nuggets? Yes. Goldfish? Yes. Half-eaten cheeseburgers? Absolutely.

Amy’s Rating: Good Enough

Cheers friends!

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