A Family That Barfs Together, Stays Together

Usually handling kid’s biological material during sickness is a do-able affair for parents. Unpleasant? HELL to the YES. Are you able to do it? Yes. What’s horribly unfair is when both parents have some sort of stomach issue going on. Even being sick with a fever and sluggish while taking care of a sick kid is not entirely impossible. BUT… when each parent is taking turns vomiting while managing the vomit of their offspring – well that’s a new circle of Hell Dante never mentioned.

The upside? If you and your partner/spouse can get through a night like that and still have kind words to say to each other, then I can safely predict you will have a long and healthy, at least mentally, marriage.

The family that barfs together stays together. You just may need more than one designated barf bowl… (I wonder why the barf bowl is not on the baby shower registration list? it should be…)steph logo with dark blue text