In The HOUSE: Charles & Charles Post No. 35 Blend

In The HOUSE: Charles & Charles Post No.35 Blend (Columbia Valley, Washington State)
Cost: $12-$14
Pairs well with: steak, fancy sausage and Opinionated Threenagers

Charles and Charles

I often call this wine “Charles In Charge”. If you’re a child of the 80’s you know what I’m talking about. Maybe you put cards in your spokes and rode your bike around singing “I want Charles in charge of meeeeeeee!” Wait, was that just me? Shit.

Anyway, we’re not here to discuss epic 80’s sitcoms, we’re here to discuss wine. Trust me when I say that this lovely Cab/Syrah blend tastes more expensive than it is. The Wine People, who might actually be the Jedi Council, awarded a shitload of points to this beauty.

jedi council
Pictured: The Wine People can be seen having a meeting. They are very serious.

The Charles & Charles blend is a great choice for your weeknight table wine. Since it tastes fancier than its price tag it will hold up well with a steak or pasta and meat sauce, without breaking the bank. Hell, we should all just order pizza tonight and open up some Charles In Charge. The Jedi Council approved it, so open it we must.

Rating: Good Enough

Cheers friends!

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