Plans Change – Part 2… Birthing

As we proceed to the part II of labor and again refer to our “birthing plan” we forge ahead with the vaginal birth. Why, you ask, are we so insistent?  Again, all the books and reliable upstanding Moms we talked with said it was the best thing for Mom and Baby.


After 14 hours of laboring and a couple scary moments, I finally push out my enormous baby boy. He is 9 pounds 8 ounces and has a head the size of a medium cantaloupe.


Yep – looks about right…

As the doctor is stitching me up because a medium sized cantaloupe CAN NOT fit through the va-jj no matter how much you try, my again, very sweet husband, says, “You did it! You had a vaginal birth, just like how we planned! Why don’t you look happy?”

I look at him and start crying. The hormones are in full effect.

I had a complete tear and still pee myself every time I sneeze, cough unexpectedly or laugh.

I might have changed that birth plan and gone with a C-section.


Our sweet baby’s head was so large and we were such new and completely overwhelmed parents that when we put his cute little new born hat on, it kept popping off.  I literally called a nurse in and told her the hat was broken and we needed a new one!

She looked at us with amusement and said,  “It’s a one-size fits all and works for all newborns….usually.” 

He still has a huge head!

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