Ethics-Shmethics: Strategic Use of Little White Lies

As parents, one of the most important things to teach your kids is to be honest.  And I don’t think there is anything that will make us lose our shit more than if we catch our kids lying to us.bullshitbadge


That being said, we fully endorse the strategic use of the little white lie in many situations.  It is truly a life skill.

Some examples include…

-When your in-laws (or parents) are visiting and you truly need a few moments to regroup after one of them has made a rude/insensitive/narcissistic comment


-when these same people are talking nonstop about their ailments

Or… worse yet…

-when these same people are talking nonstop about a friend of theirs that you don’t even know and THEIR ailments

This would be a good time for a strategic while lie such as:

-“I’m so sorry but I’ve been battling this headache/stomachache (any ache really) – for a while and really need to lie down for a few”. (I call this fighting fire with fire… you hit me with your health issues, I’ll manufacture one for me to use for my benefit.)


-The random “I’ll be right back”.  In most cases, they will be talking non-stop about themselves to notice you’ve taken a half hour break from the “action”.

somee lying

Other white-lie appropriate scenarios?

If your in-laws (or parents) are planning a visit or want you to make time to visit with them and a random step-cousin that you’ve never met and won’t be forging any other connections with outside of this random visit…. use a kid illness as an excuse.

This is especially effective if your in-laws are hypochondriacs. 


Any whiff of health issue or contagious whathaveyou is a quick and effective deterrent and can get you out of any bullshit obligation that really isn’t a true obligation.

If you use these tools effectively, you can avoid some stressful and waste-of-time situations.


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