Mommy Macgyver-ing

Maybe I’m really old and maybe most of you don’t even know what I’m about to reference, but there used to be a TV show, back when there were only 3 stations, called MacGyver. 

This dude’s special talent was to get out of sticky situations with the random shit he had access to.  Think of the cooking show Chopped but instead of making an amazing meal out of goat brains, rose water syrup and cactus flower buds,  you need to make a harpoon launcher to fire a zipline to get out of a locked room using cleaning fluid, moth balls and a telescope.


Ok, now we are all on the same page.

Parenting utilizes a lot of this “think outside the box” and “use what you’ve got” skill set.

Example: you’re at the adorable pumpkin patch preschool field trip and your kid has what I lovingly refer to as a “snotfaucet” for a nose – lots of runny crap on tap coming out.

And you, being so prepared usually but was hurrying to be on time to this event, fail to have any Kleenex, wipes, ANYTHING to help clean up your kid.

You do, however, have a change of clothes for some reason in the back of your car – that extra set you were supposed to hand over to the preschool as “pissed-yourself insurance” for your kid.

So – I grab the underwear from said pile – the awesome Batman ones – and use it as a hanky for the duration of the field trip.  Genius!

macgyver toilet paper

They say necessity is the mother of invention.  I believe mothers have to necessarily become inventors to deal with every possible scenario that you can’t even begin to prepare for.

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