Puppy Mamma

Today I became a “puppy mama”.

I have some of the same feelings I had when we brought home our babes. Uncertainty, the unknown, excitement and pure joy.

There are, however, several differences in being a puppy mama and having that third “baby” of the family.

My personal favorite is when you say, ‘good night’ and head off to bed, you know your pup is safe and warm in their kennel and they sleep through the night! HALLELUJAH, this is priceless.

As we eagerly bound off to our first puppy class, we’re both excited and a little nervous. We full heartedly came in as the underachievers and slackers.

grad pup

We’re 2 minutes late, I forgot his puppy snacks and he has never been on a leash.

Which apparently, the rest of the class had mastered because no other puppies are acting like a complete spaz on a leash like mine.

As I look around the room, I can immediately tell the difference between the “my first puppy baby” and the “its just a family pet” Mama’s.

I sit by an adorable young couple who you can tell this is their BABY. Their puppy’s name is Ms. Piggy; she has her own Pottery Barn plush blanket with her name embroidered on it and eats nothing but organic snacks and is on a raw food diet; whatever that means.

I chuckle to myself as they brag up their puppy baby and have loads of questions and concerns for the instructor. My one and only question? “When will my puppy stop pissing and shitting in my house?!” DONE, what more do I need to know?

When they have the puppy ‘meet and greet’ portion of class, our pups migrate towards each other.

We start talking and she asks, “What diet do you have your puppy on?” My mind is completely blank. My face must have had a strange expression on it because she starts naming off all these feeding options. I look at her and say, “He eats dry dog food”.

I saw the judging and disappointment in her eyes. I knew we couldn’t be puppy friends any more.

Since I knew this friendship was over before it even started, I also added, “we free feed too”.

The horror on her face was priceless.

That was the last time we sat next to each other in puppy class.

Mo Logo with dark light green textEnjoy this  great cocktail after cleaning up the piss and shit from your new “puppy baby”.  Just when you thought the ” fecal matter engineering”  portion of parenting was done…