The Hidden Dangers of Candyland

It all started out innocently enough.  My two sons and I were playing Candyland.  I actually got them to play a board game… together no less! I thought I was really crushing it at motherhood at that moment.


It was a close race with both boys just past Queen Frostine and closing in on the Candy Castle when it happened…

My 5 year old pulls the Gingerbread man card which send him all the way back to basically the beginning.

It also sent him into a violent rage.

All hell then proceeded to break loose as my kid starts flopping around like a dead fish in a bad-sport tantrum.  While in this exorcistic-state, he bangs his eye socket against the corner of the coffee table.

He’s lucky he didn’t lose his damn eye while he was losing his damn mind.

He sustained a sizeable cut under his eyebrow and a helluva shiner to boot.

All due to “your child’s first game.”

I’m convinced he’ll have a scar and now he has the task of coming up with a better story than “I lost my shit during a Candyland game.”

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