Swear-Therapy and The Use of the PISSED-OFF BREAK

People using foul language is widely frowned upon by society.  I think we are all in agreement with this.

But trust me when I say that it is fucking therapeutic when used within the privacy of one’s home.  And let’s be real, many a parent is dropping f-bombs when they have had it up to here with the kid-generated shit they have to deal with.


Your kids will be frustrated at many points in their young lives.  And the science has shown that especially in boys, their brains are limited when it comes to impulse control which is directly associated with handing frustration.  There is a medical term for this area of the brain, but I like to refer to it as the “losing-their-shit sensor”.  Time and maturity help to hone this sensor, but what can we do about it NOW?

I truly believe there can be healing in swearing and I’ve developed a therapy for my kid to reap the benefits from the carthartic use of swear words and still be a kind, respectful member of society.


Here’s how it works.

If your kid has a tough day at school where he ‘s frustrated with his teacher, other kids, or insert anything here really because DAMN they can get pissed over a variety of shit! Let them request a PISSED-OFF BREAK.


Explain that they have to keep their shit together at school, in the playground, wherever else out in society, but they can call a PISSED-OFF BREAK once they get home.

Once requested, take your kid up to their room.  Shut the door.  Sit alongside him/her while they LET IT RIP.  You sit quietly and nod along with their curse-word tirade.  You’ll be impressed with the tapestry of swearing that can come out of their young mouths.

Once they are done, ask if there is anything more they’d like to add.  If not, remind them that the PISSED-OFF BREAK is done and that they may not swear outside of the requested PISSED-OFF BREAK.  Remind them that it is ok to feel frustrated, but that you have to show respect for teachers, fellow classmates, adults, etc.  Remind them that if they feel frustrated out there in society, that they need to and can hold their shit together and then request a PISSED-OFF BREAK once they get home.

Consider this another tool in your parenting toolbox.

I’m telling ya… It’s FUCKING useful!

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